About Us

The Law & Governance Center (LGC) is one of a few law firms in the region that provides innovative solutions for companies through its unique offering of legal and corporate governance advisory services. LGC continues to play an effective role in leading change in corporate practices in the region, while assisting companies in responding to regulatory challenges and the demands of the various stakeholders.

LGC aims to establish its ‘Enlightened Corporate Governance’ model through providing boards of directors and companies with awareness about modern corporate challenges and deliver cutting edge training courses and coaching programs on effective leadership which are based on the latest principles and methodologies adopted by the world’s leading companies to transform the idea, purpose, and direction of their institutions. LGC’s advisory services are also intended to ensure that the board of directors and executive management are continuously upholding their legal duties towards their shareholders and stakeholders.

LGC provides regulators and lawmakers with professional advice required to create the required legal regulatory atmosphere that takes into consideration achieving accountability and transparency without affecting the ordinary conduct of businesses. LGC’s advisory services also assist companies in introducing cultural changes within the various departments of the corporation.

LGC’s team of highly experienced lawyers and specialists, advise on a wide variety of matters in relation to corporate governance services, and provide tailored courses with regards to establishing corporate governance internal codes and policies and assisting companies to effectively apply good governance. In addition, our team provides core legal services on a wide array of matters, including companies restructuring, finance agreements, litigation and arbitration, and tax advice.